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Cell Communicator

Many consumers are switching their telephone service from a traditional land line (POTS) to VOIP service to save money, and are only afterward discovering that their alarm system is not compatible with VOIP. Florida Safeguard has a solution to this problem but before we go over our Cellular Communicator we want you to know the facts.

What Is VOIP, And How Can It Interfere With My Alarm System’s Monitoring Capabilities?

VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It simply uses your broadband internet connection to place voice calls digitally over IP based networks.

Using VOIP And Alarm Systems Can Pose Problems Because:
1. An alarm system is designed to send its signals over an analog phone line. To transmit emergency signals properly using VOIP, the signal must be converted to digital, then converted again to analog. It is during this conversion that problems develop. Usually the signals arrive at the central monitoring station with errors, or not at all.

2. Your alarm panel comes equipped with a back up power supply in the event of a power failure. Because traditional phone lines will still work even if your power is out, your monitoring station will still receive the proper signals. With VOIP, your phone service (specifically your IP router and/or modem) will not operate during a power failure, preventing any kind of signal transmission from your alarm to the monitoring station.

3. VOIP services tend to be more prone to “mysterious” technical issues and dropped calls. Your alarm panel may be communicating vital data to your monitoring station, and a dropped call will obviously interfere with this. Or, your alarm’s signal may go through without a problem on one attempt, but will fail on another for no apparent reason.

4. Similar to a land line, your VOIP line (specifically your cable connection) can be cut or disabled by a potential intruder, severing your link to the monitoring station.

Cell Communicator

Florida Safeguard, Inc has a solution for VOIP users. We can provide you with a Honeywell Cell Communicator from Honeywell. The Cell Communicator will allow your alarm system to continue proper operations without the need of a phone line. The Cell Communicator provides a higher level of security since it does not require any lines run outside of your home that could be cut. Please call Florida Safeguard for pricing information.