Central Station
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Florida Safeguard, Inc.

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Select Gate Instructions

Quick User Instructions:
Select Gate II or III (SG2 & SG3) Equipment

I. To Open Gate with a Call in Progress.
- Receive a call from the SG2/SG3 Gate telephone device. Lift handset and speak with visitor.
- To Open Gate during a Visitor Call: Press: 6 (touch tone will signal equipment to open gate)
- Hang Up
Note - Gate will stay open for pre-determined amount of time as preprogrammed by your gate motor operator company.

II. To Open Gate without a call in Progress:
- Lift house telephone and receive dial tone
- Press: 7 7 * 6 (you should hear two beeps as confirmation)
- Hang Up

III. To Open Gate from the SG2/SG Keypad
- Press * _ _ _ _ (4 Digit PIN Code – must be programmed)
- Gate will open
Note – Your gate can be programmed with up to 100 PIN Codes. Contact Florida Safeguard to add and delete codes as needed.

IV. To Latch Gate Open for longer periods of time:
- Lift house telephone and receive dial tone
- Press: 7 7 * 7
- Hang Up

- To Unlatch (close) Gate
- Press: 7 7 * 6
- Hang Up (wait 45 seconds for gate to close)